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Working with Ashera helped me realize that even through my pain and darkest times, I was never missing the tools I needed to heal and change my life. Ashera helped me uncover those tools and how to use them.” Elizabeth- Client

'Ashera’s guidance was so very beneficial for my well being, personally and professionally!  She offered many tools that enhanced my ability to more deeply tune into my intuition and self love. This process opened my heart, helped me let go of and transform emotional obstacles, shined light upon my gifts and helped me trust myself more fully.  Dana Smith-Wisdom Coach




Level 1:  A 6 Week Transformational Journey: Combining Ancient Wisdom Practices, Soul Coaching, Energy Healing for Personal Transformation & Tools for Working with Others.:

Stepping onto the Medicine Wheel, Activating Your Soul's Journey and Life Purpose!

Level 1:  6 Weeks Consecutive Weeks:  Oct 9th- Nov 13th.
Weekly Calls, Practices and Experiential Work

Choose One of Two Times: 12:00pm-1:15 pm or 7:00-8:15pm

Level 2 Will be available in January.

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email Ashera for your preferred time. luminosityhealing@yahoo.com
Cost : $325

This process opened my heart, helped me let go of and transform emotional obstacles, shined light upon my gifts and helped me trust myself more fully.  I highly recommend working with Ashera, she is a beautiful source of wisdom and gracefully weaves in a variety of healing modalities to best serve you.'  Dana Smith-Wisdom Coach


  • Stepping onto the Medicine Wheel- South, West, North, East.
  • Shedding the past letting go of fear. Embracing the shadow as an ally.
  • North & East- Awakening and igniting to your unique gifts and destiny. Opening to the new mystery.
  • Clearing old beliefs and contracts energetically
  • Stepping into Ceremony
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Opening your Intuitive Gifts
  • Perceptual States Practices
  • Connecting with your gifts & allies, and animal guides
  • Shifting your perception and perceptual states
  • Experiential work that is specific for your unique journey
  • Supportive & compassionate coaching for your life.
  • Cord Cutting
  • Walking with Protection
  • Dream Practices
  • Practical experiential practices to engage with throughout the week.


Do you need some assistance on the path? Would you like to live life with more grace, flow and authenticity. Would you like to open more of your intuitive knowing and create more possibility in your life and live a life where your heart in singing. Assistance will be provided on both a soul and practical level.

    Training and coaching programs are offered in small groups. One on one coaching and trainings are also available with limited space. All programs allow for transformational healing and the guidance to move forward on your unique path supported by experiential practices and tool to take with you.

    Through various tools and modalities you will explore your connection to your own intuition and individual path.  Letting go of old belief systems, contracts and codes that do not serve you, a new course is set for what is ahead. Through the Andean medicine wheel work, dreamwork, Toltec shamanic work, shamanic journeying, mythic mapping, Theta healing and meditations you unfold into your own process. In addition you will learn these modalities and tools in your toolbox for yourself and others. Each week we share your process and I guide your through the next steps toward awakening to your own liberation and freedom in your life and path.

    If you are already on the path and a healer there are also opportunities to train in Energy Medicine/ Shamanic Healing and offer your clients greater transformation and healing.

    In the Distance Group Training Programs you will be connected with a healing community to share and work with these practices as well as experiential work from week to week.

    All material will enable you to deepen your own self healing and work with others. There will be spirit work to practice each week as you unfold in to a process and understand deeper. You will be connected to a small group of peers on the path.

    Level 2- 6 Week Group Distance Training- Begins January.
    Must attend Level 1 for admission to Level 2.

    • Connecting with allies, support and finding your place in the universe.
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Working with Earth, Sky, and Angelic Beings
    • Perceptual State Practices
    • Experiential Earth Work
    • Andean Medicine Healing Work
    • Awakening & Developing Your Intuition
    • Working with Guides & Allies
    • Destiny Work
    • Balancing Feminine & Masculine
    • Experiential work is specific to your unique journey
    • Supportive & compassionate coaching for your life
    • Tracking through time Lines
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Deepening on the Path
    • Death Rites


    These opportunities for personal transformational work include the contents of the group training programs mentioned above but have a deep one on one component. This allows you to have personal guidance on your journey. Much of the material mentioned above in the group training will be covered.

    There is limited space for individual training. I take only a limited number of participants each month.
    Please inquire.

    Level 1- Personal Healing Journey:
    4 week commitment. From the comfort of you home on the phone. We will arrange a suitable time for your schedule.
    Contact Ashera: luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

    2 Spots available for October!

    Register Now for Level 1:
    Cost: $325

    Level 2 : Personal Healing Journey & Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing Training- 3 Month Commitment

    Commitment~ This is a 3 month training commitment. Prerequisite - Level 1.

    If you would like to deepen your personal healing or you are healing practitioner of any kind you can incorporate Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing into your work.  For example if you are a massage therapist you can assist clients on deeper level of the soul in the container of the session. Or if you would like to build a healing practice this training guides you, bringing tools, modalities and a understanding of how to work with clients in benefit their transformation. As a one on one program it allows you to learn what would be of most benefit to your particular practice.

    • Level 2 ~ $ 1000

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    Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera