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Community Projects

The vision of being in "Ayni" or right relationship is to help the next generations, the preservation of culture, health and wisdom of the communities. As I have received so much from the land in Peru, I am honored to share what I can with the communities within the vision of sustainability.

Here in the Andes Peru there is such a rich culture. Yet as modern life and capitalism seep in further, health, well being, sustainability and culture are in question. More pestisides are being put in the earth.  Children are loosing the connection with their deep culture as well as many health issues and many abandoned children. The old sustainable ways are being lost as a result.

I am connected with two Non-Profits. One is Amistad Sagrado. There are amazing projects in health, creating communities for orphaned children and elders, permaeculture projects, organic farming and retention of indigenous culture and so much more. The other is a Q'ero project to help the nations way up in the mountains.

If you would like to donate to these projects let me know. I donate a percentage of each healing session, workshop, and retreat toward these these projects in Peru. For those in Peru  $20 or $100 goes a long way to really making a difference in the future lives of many.

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera