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 Destiny Card Readings

What if there was a map to lead you to your special gifts, purpose and live from a place where you are content, healthy and fulfilled? There is. The key is inside of you.”

Based on your birth date and the electromagnetic energy of the earth and astrology, The Destiny Card System brings forward an extremely accurate system of understanding your unique template. This template guides you in realizing your potential.

The Destiny Card System is a science based on the 52 cards and the electromagnetic energy at the time of your birth. According to the system, each person has a unique a birth card and a planetary ruling card as well as other cards like Karma cards, Pluto, and Venus, Saturn cards, etc.  Once you know your cards, you will know who you are more clearly and understand what is happening in all areas of your life. The cards will provide you with the information you need to know for making better decisions that will open new doors of opportunity.

In addition to our life spread, there cycles we each go through. 7 year cycles, yearly cycles and 52 day periods. Readings will cover the energy for the cycle you are in. Within these cycles are energies of challenges and gifts to step into. There is practical wisdom and information to utilize. What if you knew it was your year to find your partner, or a potential for divorce, or time where business could boom or fail, best times to travel and more. Once you understand of the forces at work within you, you can choose whereas often our choices are made by unconscious forces within us.

“The destiny card system, by far it gave me the most comprehensive detailed map of my life that I had ever found. It surpassed any astrological reading I have had. I am now able to see my unique template and the actions and shifts I need to make to receive my highest potentials in life.”

A comprehensive personal reading and PDF destiny report will be emailed to you.
All readings are done over the phone. Email Ashera to schedule a time: luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Reading ~ $133 for 90 minutes

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