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"The universe answered my prayers and they gave me Ashera. A truly gifted teacher that has entered my life and blessed it with her wisdom and helped me get on the path I am destined to walk on. She taught me how to peel away layers that were no longer useful, live a more balanced life, and to be in harmony with the universe. Now I am an open channel to the world. With her help, I have transformed into a new person. I live my life through clearer lens and a bigger heart. Having Ashera be a part of my healing community saved me." Yen Lee

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What if there was a map to lead you to your special gifts, purpose and live from a place where you are content, healthy and fulfilled?” There is. The key is inside of you.

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We all want to live lives where we feel fulfilled and are living our own highest destiny. What if you could live your best livelihood, find your higher purpose, create fulfilling relationships and overcome your challenges with ease and grace? What if you could clearly know what your biggest challenges in life are and what you need to focus on to master these?  What if there was a map to lead you to your special mission and show you how to live from a place where you are content, healthy and joyful?  There is. The key is inside of you.

This unique hands-on workshop is an opportunity to acquire wisdom and powerful skills for personal transformation. Through weaving together Shamanic Energy Medicine & The Destiny Card System, you clearly discover your unique template of gifts and challenges. With this wisdom you can create your highest destiny and allow this energy to radiate and flow into your life.

Through Shamanic Medicine Practices of Destiny Retrieval, I will journey with you through timelines to track together where you have been and where you are going. Activating your intuition, you will see the places where you get stuck and clear these old patterns. Now, with more space for your highest destiny, together we will journey into the Akashic relams to see the highest and best version of yourself, and the creation of your best future.


Based on your birthdate, The Destiny Card System brings forward an extremely accurate system of understanding your unique template. This template guides you in realizing your potential.

The Destiny Card System is a science based on the 52 cards and the electromagnetic energy at the time of your birth. According to the system, each person has a unique a birth card and a planetary ruling card as well as other cards like Karma, Pluto, and Venus cards, etc.  Once you know your cards, you will know who you are more clearly and understand what is happening in all areas of your life. The cards will provide you with the information you need to know for making better decisions that will open new doors of opportunity.

“The destiny card system, by far it gave me the most comprehensive detailed map of my life that I had ever found. It surpassed any astrological reading I have had. I am now able to see my unique template and the actions and shifts I need to make to receive my highest potentials in life.”

This Workshop Includes:


  • Destiny Retrieval Work

  • An Understanding of your unique Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, Karma Card and Pluto Card

  • Your Yearly Cycle and what you need to focus on to master the lesson of the year

  • A clear understanding of your unique gifts and challenges and how you need to focus to overcome them

  •  Identifying and clearing old timelines through Shamanic Energy Medicine Practices

  •  Shamanic Journeying to your highest destiny and unique mission

  • Sacred Sound such as; drumming, rattling, and singing bowls assisting in journey and activation of your energy field

  • Claiming your gifts from the Akashic field

  • Visiting with and creating and energy line to yourself 5,10 and 15 years from now

  •  Activating your energy field to align with your highest destiny

  •  Anchoring in practices for alignment of your destiny

  • How to assist others in this understanding of destiny


This workshop will be held in a beautiful container of sacred space. Both individual and group work and sharing will accelerate our healing, growth and wisdom.

“When I uncovered some of my challenges, patterns and programs through timelines that kept repeating it was a huge eye-opener. Through implementation of shamanic destiny retrieval and the destiny card system I have been able to start activating new destiny timelines available for life.”




SATURDAY MAY 11TH, 2019, 7-10PM
with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls

SUNDAY JUNE 2ND, 2019, 1:00-4:30PM
with Ashera Serfaty & Beth Schermer


These transformational ceremonies combine the Munay-ki rites with sacred sound for healing and re-wiring of your energetic system.

The Munay-ki are light energy transmissions and initiations from Andean Q’ero medicine lineage. These transmissions carry energetic codes that can transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA.

Join us at either or both ceremonies at the Seattle Sound Temple & The Alchemy Mystery School as we open a portal and offer the Munay-ki rites and sacred sound ceremony.

Ashera will transmit the rites to each individual during a sound healing ceremony with either Irene or Elizabeth. The healing vibration of sound will amplify the power of the Munay-ki transmissions and help them anchor within. These ceremonies are akin to receiving a deep healing session! The detail and location are below.

Discounts Available~ Inquire if interested. A portion of proceeds go to community projects in Peru.


REGISTER NOW FOR JUNE 2nd~$95. Upon Payment you will receive an email with location information for The Alchemy Mystery School.


Receiving the Rites


The nine Munay-ki Rites are broken down into three categories: The Foundation Rites, The Lineage Rites and the Rites to Come.  If you are new you will be receiving the the first two or three rites depending on which ceremony you attend. If you have received some of the rites you will receive the next in the series.

If you have received all of the rites it is beneficial to received them again and again as many times as you are called to as they will keep on working with your energy system.

1-3 Foundation Rites:

  • The Healers Rites. These awaken your ability to heal yourself and others.

  • The Bands of Power & Protection. These are five bands within your energy field that act as filters, breaking down any heavy energy into one of the corresponding five elements.

  • The Harmony Rites. The seven archetypes of the Andean Medicine way are planted into each of the chakras as seeds that metabolize trauma and heavy energy, and re-inform the energy body and chakras to their natural state of radiance.


3-6 The Lineage Rites:

  • Seers Rites. Filaments of light that are installed between the visual cortex to the third eye and the heart center. This awakens the ability to perceive the invisible with the eyes of the heart.

  • Day Keepers Rite. The Day Keepers were the masters of the ancient altars in sacred places around the world from Machu Picchu to Stonehenge. The Day Keepers can call on these ancient altars to bring balance into the world. They were the midwives who attended births and deaths, the herbalists and curanderas. They were also know as the ones who called the sun to rise each morning and the ones who made sure that humans were in harmony with Mother Earth, Pachamama and honored the ways of the feminine. This initiation helps to heal your inner feminine and the feminine energy in your life including all relationships with women. It assists in reconnecting with the feminine principles of creation as well as the lineage of feminine healing.

  • The Wisdom Keepers Rite. This rite connects you with the ancient wisdom which resides in the Apus (mountains). These mountains are revered places of power, from the Himalayas to Mt Fuji, Mt Sinai, Mt Shasta, Asungate and more. The Wisdom Keepers are medicine men and women who defeated death and stepped into timelessness. This rite also allows any healing with the inner masculine and the masculine energy in your life including all relationships with the masculine.

6-9 The Rites to Come:

  • The Earthkeeper Rite. This rite connects you to the lineage of archangels and guardians or our galaxy. As Earth Keepers we are the protectors of the world. The Earth Keepers are stewards of all life on earth and come under the direct protection of these archangels and can summon their power for healing and balance. This rite helps you to learn the way of the seer and dream the world into being.

  • Star Keepers Rite. This rite anchors you into the time after the great change of 2012. It slows down the aging process and evolves the DNA. Your physical body evolves into homo-luminous and you become resistant to diseases. You will not need to process events primarily on the physical level but on the level of spirit.  Once you receive these rites you acquire stewardship of the time to come and for the future generations.

  • Creator Rite. This rite connects you with the divine source with in and awakens your god nature. This god nature is you, pure consciousness. In the past it could only be given directly from spirit. It awakens the Buddha or Christ consciousness. In the past it was not possible for it to be transmitted from person to person. This rite has only become recently in the last few years been able to be transferred from human to human. The wisdom keepers have been waiting for it. It was not available before 2006 on this planet. There were ones who attained is level of initiation and awakened their Christ and Buddha consciousness but it was not possible until now to transmit this rite from human to human.

For those who are new to the rites, this will be a wonderful introduction. Those who have already received the rites will experience a deepened healing and re-energizing of the transmissions. The remaining rites will be offered over the coming months for those who desire to continue and receive more.

IF you want more information on the Munay-ki please go ceremonies page. Link to Munay-ki Here.

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Address for Jan 12th and March 9th:
4300 Fremont Ave. N. (Entrance is behind U- Need a Burger. Entrance is more on 43rd than on Fremont).
Please allow 15 minutes to find parking in the area.
Doors open at 6:45pm

Address for June 2nd will be provided via email upon registration
Doors Open at 12:45pm
Address will be emailed to you upon registration.

Learn more about the Munay-ki here.



APRIL 10, 17, 24 & MAY 1, 8

Connecting with the 4 directions and 4 archetypes of the medicine wheel, we move through a powerful personal transformational process. Through experiential work, practices and tools that are easy and fun to work with we embark on a supported healing journey. The medicine wheel process can be utilized by anyone to open to your unique journey.

The ancient healing wisdom shares with us that we cannot solve a problem on the level it was created. Quantum physics also proves this. By opening to spirit and the assistance that is available we can shift what is not longer working and open to a new way of being.

Through the Andean Medicine Wheel we enter a process with allies and practices that make the journey of transformation easeful and joyful. Each week we we focus on an particular energetic frequency. Shamanic Journeying practices, chakra clearing re-wiring practices will also be included.

Holding the container for what we are releasing and our deep intentions we will enter a process that will allow our blocks to be transformed open to a new way of seeing. A component of sharing will be included on each call to strengthen our intentions and create community support. The group work amplifies our transformational work.

Week 1: The South: The Serpent~ Shedding the Old. Letting go of beliefs, stories and programs.

Week 2: The West: The Jaguar~ Facing our fears and stepping into our true power.

Week 3 The North: The Hummingbird~ Orienting toward the sweetness of possibility and our highest destiny.

Week 4: The East: Eagle/Condor~ Creating new perspectives and awakening the vision of new beginnings.

Week 5: Pachamama~ Grounding our support in the world and everyday life.

This series has been offered over the the last 5 years and is truly an great way to shift and open your unique path in your life.

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Alchemy Mystery School. Seattle, WA
March, 16th & 17th, 2019
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

$475 For Weekend Training
$250 For 1 Day Option~ March 16th
Limited Space!
Payment Plan Available.

It’s amazing to have learned how to HEAL MYSELF through this work. The energy medicine training with Ashera taught me how to be my own healer,  My gratitude is endless.  ~ Nisa Wolf


This is a hands-on experiential training weekend is an opportunity to acquire powerful skills for personal transformation, as well as effective tools you can use to assist others in healing.

Throughout the weekend you will step into the world of mystical shamanic energy, weaving ancient wisdom with practical applications, designed to shift the way you approach healing and the world.

Practical tools and techniques from various shamanic traditions will be presented, with specific focus on the Andean Shamanic traditions.

You will learn to open your intuitive knowing, seeing and tracking abilities, and access allies and support and guidance. You will discover the roots of emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalance and create lasting changes.

Weekend Training~ March 16 & 17th. $475


Each Day You Will:

Deepen your intuition, your seeing abilities, and your work with guides and allies.

  • Understand and work with luminous body and healing from the shamanic perspective.

  • Get to the root cause of challenges and create shifts on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual on the deeper level.

  • Create new pathways in your of health and life path.

  • Day 1 Of The Training Includes:

  • Balancing the chakra system

  • The Illumination Process

  • Working in sacred space & containers

  • Walking with protection and cleansing yourself and your space

  • Shamanic Journeying Process

  • Tracking across time lines

  • Day 2 Of The Training Includes:

  • Understanding and the practice of cord cutting

  • Ancestral healing practices

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Intro to Soul Retrieval

  • Intro to Destiny Retrieval

  • Intro to Parallel Realities

Upon Payment you will Receive an Email with Confirmation and Details.

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera