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Anyone interested in supporting their chi energy, health and well being benefit greatly from these incredible energy gems. Ye Ming Zhu are powerful and rare Qi Gems that can strengthen and protect the body, increase healing and enhance openings in the physic and energetic centers. They stimulate Qi flow, strengthen the Aura, revitalize the body and impove sleep and restfulness for greater Health, Happiness & Longevity.

Crystal Ye Ming Zhu is a transceiver and quantum computer continuously receiving, transmitting and translating Light and information, connecting us with nature and the cosmos of light. Ye (Night) Ming (Bright) Zhu (Pearl) is the Chinese name for a family of minerals, crystals and gems that glow after exposed to light, heat, friction and other subtle energies.

Since ancient days these “ Wish fulfilling Gems have inhabited the myths of cultures worldwide. Regarded as one of he rarest, mysterious and precious objects in the world, Ye Ming Zhu are one of the rarest and most exotic treasure. Known to attract good fortune and beloved by royals, they have been beyond reach

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Ye Ming Zhu display energetic aliveness as they absorb, store and emit energy as soft healing light. Once infused without energy, love and awareness, they glow brighter, longer, change color, and become transparent and emit a radiant golden light that has healing power.

Ancient Ye Ming Zhu are found in many minerals including sapphire, ruby jadeite, quartz, opal and calcite. They have the ability to keep the light though their glowing feature may differ in color strength and intensity and duration. The highest grades glow brightest and longest. They can be clear translucent or opaque. They look similar to Jade.

The most common form of the mineral in Ye Ming Zhu is fluorite and are found worldwide. Ancient Imperial Ye Ming Zhu was first mined in the East. Incredibly rare and exotic they travelled along the Silk road all the way to from China to China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Europe and Asia.

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In 2001 a team of Chinese scientist discovered the secret of alchemical forging the Rare Earths in Ancient Ye Ming Zhu to create a Modern Crystal Ye Ming Zhu with the energetic and therapeutic attributes of the Ancient Imperials.

These modern Ye Ming Zh posses a unique crystal structure much like the Ancient Ye Ming Zhu. Ye Ming Zhu has tetrahedral units. Which impart memory, ability to store energy and information. Ye Ming Zhu store free energy. The crystal structure of modern Ye Ming Zhu is also called the Golden Ratio so that the frequencies emitted by it produce Golden Ratio Harmonics that are exactly in tune with the mathematics of the Universe and all living organisms.

Ye Ming Zh is a crystal Tesla Coil, generating free energy. The Tesla Coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit that was invented by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago to produce high voltage, low-current, high frequency current electricity. Ye Ming Zhu emit Negative Ions, Far infrared Rays. These Qi gems can greatly assist in healing and DNA coherence.

Modern Gems Glow in Green, Blue and Purple. Each Color has Specific Healing Capacity.

Green- These gems emit a balanced yang energy and has the memory capacity for greater clarity and vision. The green gems fortify and activate Qi, tone the liver, boost metabolism, strengthens rooting, fortifies aura. The green gems are especially protective on all energetic levels to armor the wearer and cleanse and realign the energy body.

Blue- These gems are cooling and balancing more of more Yin energy. It is soothing and cooling. It’s rejuvenating light helps reduce inflammation and enhance beauty and improve sleep. They strengthen the kidneys and adrenals, thyroid, eyes, ears and throat as well as rejuvenate the reproductive organs, and lymphatic systems in the body. Softer and subtler than the green the blue help increase communication and meditation. They blue are the best for the heart.

Purple- These gems are very etheric with the highest energy of all colors. It is more etheric and less physical than the green. Purple enhance psychic perceptions and spiritual awareness of higher dimensions in life. They help stimulate the bodies mental clarity and cognitive functions. The purple activates the third eye, crown chakra and pineal gland. They are great for meditation.

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The light energy emitted by Ye Ming Zhu can easily structure water to make it more coherent. Since the human body is a liquid crystal molecularly and made of 70% water the Ye Ming Zhu can revitalize tissues, glands and organs through the water filled cells they are composed of.

Ye Ming Zhu are incredible gems that come in various shapes and sizes. Anyone interested in strengthening their chi would benefit from these incredible living energy gems.


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