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"What Makes Your Heart Sing"
Replenishing Sacred Sound & Alchemical Shamanic Retreat:

3 Day Retreat- June 9-11th, 2017

Cascade Foothills in Duvall, Washington. U.S.A
Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center                                                    
with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls  
$475 Sliding Scale Available                                 

Come Replenish & Remember What Makes Your Heart Sing! 

Sacred Sound & Song, Yoga Movement, Alchemy with Earth, Fire, Air & Water, Shamanic Journeying, Andean Medicine Healing, Nourishing Organic Meals, Nature Walks, Laughter, Ceremonies, Connection with Nature.

Replenish and inspire yourself this spring reconnecting to nature. We gather on the sacred land of Mosswood Hollow in Duvall Washington nestled on forty acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Here we can drop into the rhythms of nature and listen to our inner voices and guidance.

This weekend retreat is an opportunity to transform the old into the new and awaken your unique voice, creativity and souls gifts. Rejuvenate and connect through yoga, movement, walks in nature and nourishing healthy locally grown meals.

We make ceremonies to honor the fire, water, earth, air and sound in order to transform and cleanse heavy energy into light and stepping into the mystery as we connect with deeper life source. We explore journey work with the Andean Medicine Wheel, Shamanic practices and Sacred Sound for transformational healing of ourselves and our earth.

Retreats Includes:

  • 3 Days Magical Days in Nature
  • Daily Yoga and Energetic Practices
  • Andean Shamanic Healing Practices & Journeys
  • Sacred Sound Healing
  • Voice & Sound Play
  • Movement & Dance
  • Gourmet Nourishing delicious organic meals
  • Fire & Water Blessings Ceremonies
  • Free time for trail walking
  • Soaking in the Hot tub
  • Meditation
  • Play                                               
  •  Cost does not include accommodation.
    You choose your tier of accommodation and book pay for 2 nights separately through Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center
  • Sliding Scale is available on request.



Mosswood Hollow is a sanctuary, an oasis of peace and natural beauty.  Located just about an hour outside Seattle in Duvall. There are open fields, deep forests, ponds and streams, a mile long walking trail around a five acre beaver pond, a nearby lake, flower and vegetable gardens and loads of wildlife. There is thirty foot yurt where we meet or on the land around the center.

There is thirty foot yurt where we meet or on the land around the center. The sounds of the birds will greet us in the morning, hummingbirds and the open skies with views of hawks, and eagles.

Mosswood Hollow


Gourmet Nourishing Meals

Gourmet meals are lovingly prepared using organic, home grown or locally grown produce. Great care and creative inspiration goes into the selection, preparation and presentation of all food offered at Mosswood Hollow. Menus are drawn from seasonal offerings, utilizing local and organic when available. Meals include both vegetarian and fish options.

The chefs at Mosswood have been known for there amazing nourishing meals. All special or dietary requests will be accomodated as well.


Your Guides:

Ashera Serfaty

Ashera has led over a dozen retreats in Peru and internationally. She has spent the last 8 years living the eagle/ condor journey. Half the year immersing in the Andean Healing Path with direct experience with the mountains, and shamanic healers. She is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Healer, Advanced Theta Practitioner, Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner and Dancer.  From the cultivation of her own personal practice to facilitating classes, workshops and retreats, Ashera comes with over 20 years of local and International experience. Ashera is a spirited teacher, guide and healer coming from a holistic integrative approach to awakening. Ashera has been blessed to study with a variety of renowned teachers in Yoga, Ayurveda, Dance and Shamanic Healing.

Ashera trained in Peruvian Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing thru The Healing Light Body School and Alberto Villoldo and in the Toltec Shamanic traditions with Dona Bernadina Vigil. Her journeys have also taken her to sacred sites in Mexico and Peru, where she learned directly from local indigenous healers and shamans. Ashera is full Mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition and has received the sacred rite transmissions from the Q’ero shamans from the Andes. As a healing practitioner guide and teacher she is passionate about assisting others on their path to restoring their original freedom, balance and joy.

Irene Ingalls

Sound Medicine, Light Language Artist, Energy Medicine Practitioner Irene is an Alchemical sound healer, Light Language artist and Reiki master. Founder and owner of Seattle Sound Temple, Irene loves to share her deep passion for healing through the senses with others. Her work with clients utilizes sound and vision to call forth each individual’s unique self healing capacities.

In her sessions, she may use her voice, crystal singing bowls and/or special glyphs known as Light Language, to bring forth the client’s own curative energies. Her work is gentle, intuitive and transformative. Irene’s training with Master Sound Medicine Practitioner, Tom Kenyon and Alchemical Healers, Sharlyn Hidalgo and Nicky Scully form the backbone of her expertise. She leads sound healing adventure workshops in the Great Temples of Egypt each year where she has honed her skills while teaching others. Inherently joyful and generous, Irene brings a special sweetness to her sessions. She has the rare capacity to see each individual she comes in contact within their wholeness.


We begin Friday June 9th at 3pm.
We complete on Sunday June 11th at 3:30pm.
You are welcome to arrive and check in anytime after noon.
Included: All Meals: Dinner June 9th. 3 Meals June 10th &
Breakfast & Lunch June 11th.

Normal Price: $475
Sliding Scale Available!

You book and pay for your accommodation choice through Mosswood Hollow separately. www.mooswoodhollow.org

For Registration Packet: Contact Ashera at: luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera