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"The universe answered my prayers and they gave me Ashera. A truly gifted teacher that has entered my life and blessed it with her wisdom and helped me get on the path I am destined to walk on. She taught me how to peel away layers that were no longer useful, live a more balanced life, and to be in harmony with the universe. Now I am an open channel to the world. With her help, I have transformed into a new person. I live my life through clearer lens and a bigger heart. Having Ashera be a part of my healing community saved me." Yen Lee

Upcoming Events:

Merging Sound Healing & Hands on Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing

TUESDAY JULY 25th- 7:00-8:30

Seattle Sound Temple
Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls
Energy Exchange: $45

Powerfully Transformative Experience.!

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Initiating Pachamama Month in August!

MONDAY AUGUST 7th- 7:00-9:00pm

R.S.V. P: Limited Space
Location Announced upon Registration
Energy Exchange $35
Portion of Proceeds to Andean Communities.


August is a special month. We have a solar eclipse in the later part of August. Also in Peru eachmonth of August is considered Pachamama month when we make as many offerings as possible to the mother earth. 

Despacho is a traditional ceremony from the high Andes of Peru, that brings us into Ayni, a state of into reciprocity and balance to give back to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and other Spirits (organizing principles of the Universe). This beautiful prayer offering that we assemble with flower petals, sweets, and other symbolic contributions into a beautiful mandala focuses our intentions for right relationship with our lives and the earth . As we make each offering, we blow into our intentions, our gratitude or something we wish to release (depending on the kind of despacho) into flowers and leaves. The mandala grows with each offering, encircling us with the energy of transformation and bringing each who participates into balance with our deepest intentions.

The ceremony brings the energies of manifestation into full realization by blending a deeply personal inner experience with the power intention, and weaving gratitude for all that is with a dreaming into what wants to be.
We do this so that we may carry, the sense of balance and harmony out into our community and the world.


The Practice of Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing : Level 1 Training: Tools for Self Healing and Assisting Others.

September 15th-17th
Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 10-3pm, Sunday 10-3pm

Seattle Sound Temple. Seattle, WA

with Ashera Serfaty

Energy Exchange- $225


This experiential training will allow you to deepen into your own transformational healing journey with practical tools and techniques for big shifts in your life and your work with others. This training is valuable for your own self-transformation or if you a healing practitioner of any kind (massage therapist, yoga teacher, acupuncturist, naturepath, energy healing practitioner or sound healer etc). You will learn to open your intuitive knowing, seeing abilities, access allies and support. An understanding of the roots of emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance will then allow you to shift these, cleanse yourself, others and open to higher frequencies for wholeness balance and joy.

Training Includes:

– Understanding the Luminous Body
– Clearing Imprints in Energy Body
– Opening Your Seeing & Deepening Your Intuition
– Creating and Working In Sacred Space & Containers
– Cleansing Yourself and Your Space
– Cord Cutting
– Walking with Protection
– Shamanic Journeying
– Working With Allies & Guides
– Chakra Balancing
– Soul Retrieval
– Tracking Through Time Lines

Sacred Sound & Munay-Ki Rites Transmissions Ceremonies with Ashera Serfaty and Irene Ingalls

Equinox Ceremony- September 20th

Seattle Sound Temple, Seattle, WA.
R. S. V. P. luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Limited Space. Save your Spot! They will fill.

Energy Exchange $75

Join us at the Seattle Sound Temple as we open a portal and offer the Munay-ki rites sacred sound ceremony.  This in an opportunity if you have never received the rites, or if you have received the foundation rites and want to receive more or if you have received the rites it is helpful to receive them again as well, for deepened healing and to re-energize your life. The rites will be transmitted as you bathe in the healing vibration of sound. Irene and Ashera have been working together to share ceremonies and retreats to bring in a higher vibration for your awakening and this earth.

The Munay-ki are light transmissions/ initiations of the Peruvian medicine way carrying codes of the new human. They are energetic codes that can transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA . This will be a remarkable evenings to support, nourish your well being.  The rites are received as a series but each transmission is also valuable in its own rite. Approximately 3 of the rites will be given at each ceremony.
Learn more about the Munay-ki here.

Andean Mystical Despacho Ceremonies
& Munay-ki Ceremonies:   

For Personal and Collective Healing!

Available in Peru with Q'ero Earth & Wisdom Keepers.
Jan- April 2017
Available in the U.S West Coast
May - October 2017

Inquire to Arrange One in Your Town.
email Ashera: luminosityhealing@yahoo.com



Coaching, Mentoring, Apprenticeship & Training Programs

Unfold Your Own Myth!
Do you need some assistance on the path? Would you like to live life with more grace, flow and authenticity and embark on your unique soul hero/heroines journey? Open your intuitive knowing and create more possibility in your life and work. Assistance will be provided for your direction on both a soul and practical level.

If you are already on the path and a healer there are also opportunities to train in Energy Medicine/ Shamanic Healing and offer your clients for greater transformation and healing. Read more...

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera