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Alchemy Healing- Transformation & Awakening to your Authentic Self.

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Transformation & Awakening to your Authentic Self!   

Ashera Serfaty - Healing Practitioner, Soul Coach & Retreat Guide
Shamanic Energy Medicine/ Soul Coaching/ Expressive Arts     
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Weave Your Dreams Into Being!

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"Working with Ashera helped me realize that even through my pain and darkest times, I was never missing the tools I needed to heal and change my life. Ashera helped me uncover those tools and learn how to use them. With each visit, my visions become clearer, my voice louder and my heart stronger. She has been nothing short of a blessing, an inspirational healer and teacher, Thank you, Ashera!"   Elizabeth Gaudet - Client

                                                                                                                                                           Ashera Serfaty

Upcoming Events & Journeys:

Sacred Sound & Munay-ki Rite Ceremony
Monday September 19th, 2016. 7-10pm
Seattle Sound Temple, Fremont, Seattle, WA
R.S. V. P- Limited Space.
Energy Exchange- $75 for Ceremony

with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls
The Munay-ki are energy light transmissions/ initiations of the Andean medicine way, carrying energetic codes of the new human to transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and DNA. Transmissions combined with high vibration sound healing bowls for an unforgettable evening to support, nourish and assist your awakening.

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Sacred Sound & Alchemy Healing Journey Retreat To The Sacred Valley, Andes, Peru

November 14- 23rd, 2016

with Ashera Serfaty, Irene Ingalls, Wisdom Keeprs & Curanderas.

Sacred Sound Healing, Alchemy with the Elements, Shamanic Journeying, Ceremonies, Mystical Temple Sacred Sites, Pristine Mountains and Sacred Lakes,  Stargate Portals, Q’ero Wisdom Keepers, Curanderas, Andean Medicine Wheel Practices, Yoga, Energy Healing, Meditation and more.
Machu Picchu Add on November 23-26th. *Thanksgiving at Machu Picchu.  Learn More....

Osa Pennisula Costa Rica Adventure Retreat: Hero/ Heroine's Journey
Come Unfold Your Own Myth.

March 4th-12th,  2017
with Ashera Serfaty & Rob Harsh

Wildlife Sanctuary & Dolphins/Whale Tours, Swimming & Surfing the Waves, Off the Beaten Track Tropical Hikes, Swimming in Waterfall Lagoons, Yoga, Breathwork, Yummy Organic Cuisine, Play, Meditation, Laughter & More.
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Awakening The Divine & Wild Feminine: Women's Journey to the Sacred Valley Andes Peru:

April, 15th-24th 2017

Machu Picchu Add on April 24-26th
with Ashera Serfaty & Dinah Puodziunas

Alchemy with the Elements, Mystical Feminine Sacred Sites & Portals, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Journeying, Sound Healing, Light Activations, Pristine Nature, Ceremony, Q'ero Wisdom Keepers, Curanderas, Yoga, Breathwork, Dance,  Mediation, Plant Medicine Ceremony &  more...


Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera