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Alchemy Healing- Transformation & Awakening to your Authentic Self. Shamanic Energy Medicine/ Soul Coaching/ Expressive Arts. Sessions, Coaching, Mentorship, Training, Ceremonies, Workshops & Retreats Ashera Serfaty - Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Soul Coach & Retreat Guide.

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Transformation & Awakening to your Authentic Self!   

Shamanic Energy Medicine/ Soul Coaching    
Sessions, Coaching, Mentorship, Training, Ceremonies,Workshops & Retreats

Ashera Serfaty - Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Soul Coach & Retreat Guide

I am here to assist you in remembering your own path,
to step on it and live a life where your heart is singing.

Weave Your Dreams Into Being!

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                              Ashera Serfaty

                              Ashera Serfaty

"Working with Ashera helped me realize that even through my pain and darkest times, I was never missing the tools I needed to heal and change my life. Ashera helped me uncover those tools and learn how to use them. With each visit, my visions become clearer, my voice louder and my heart stronger. She has been nothing short of a blessing, an inspirational healer and teacher, Thank you, Ashera!"   Elizabeth Gaudet - Client   

'Ashera’s guidance was so very beneficial for my well being, personally and professionally!  She offered many tools that enhanced my ability to more deeply tune into my intuition and self love. This process opened my heart, helped me let go of and transform emotional obstacles, shined light upon my gifts and helped me trust myself more fully.  I highly recommend working with Ashera, she is a beautiful source of wisdom and gracefully weaves in a variety of healing modalities to best serve you.'  Dana Smith-Wisdom Coach

Upcoming Events & Journeys:

Transformational Andean Medicine Wheel & Healing Mesa Building Training
A 5 Week Distance Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing Course & Women's Circle:

Monday January 16th- February 13th, 2017
Time: TBA

From the Comfort of your Home by Phone.
R. S. V. P- Limited Space. Details upon Registration
Energy Exchange- $325 for whole series.

Learn more...


Awakening The Divine & Wild Feminine: Women's Transformational Healing Journey to the Sacred Valley Andes Peru:

April, 15th-24th 2017

Machu Picchu Add on April 24-26th
with Ashera Serfaty & Daina Puodziunas

Alchemy with the Elements, Mystical Feminine Sacred Sites & Portals, Wild Feminine Mountains, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Journeying, Light Activations, Pristine Nature, Ceremony, Q'ero Wisdom Keepers, Curanderas,  Sound Healing, Yoga, Dance,  Mediation, Plant Medicine Ceremony & More.  Learn More..

Replenishing Spring Sacred Sound & Alchemical Shamanic Retreat: Awakening your Soul Through Elements & Sound.
Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center
Cascade Foothills in Duvall, Washington. U.S.A

June 9-11th, 2016
with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls

Singing Bowls, Sacred Sound, Voice, Movement, Alchemy with Earth, Fire, Air & Water, Shamanic Journeying, Nourishing Meals and The Beauty of Healing with Nature...
More soon...

Sacred Sound & Transformational Healing Journey to Peru:
Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca
April 2018!

with Ashera Serfaty, Irene Ingalls, Q'ero Wisdom Keepers, Curanderas & Julian Sarrasi Spiritual Guide

Sacred Sound, Temple Sites, Ceremonies, Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Andean Healing Practices, Pristine Mountains, Lake Titicaca ( most feminine place on the planet), Light Activations and more..
Save your Spot! Limited Space!

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera