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"Evolve your Energy into Divine Life Force"
Alchemy Healing- Transformation through the Elements!
Energy Medicine/ Mystical Shamanic Healing/Expressive Arts.
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"Working with Ashera helped me realize that even through my pain and darkest times, I was never missing the tools I needed to heal and change my life. Ashera helped me uncover those tools and learn how to use them. With each visit, my visions become clearer, my voice louder and my heart stronger. She has been nothing short of a blessing, an inspirational healer and teacher, Thank you, Ashera!"   Elizabeth Gaudet

Upcoming Events Workshops and Retreats:

Awakening Your Highest Destiny: Shamanic Energy Healing Journey And Expressive Arts Workshop.
Saturday June 27th, 1-9pm.
Seattle area.
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 "LIving in Ayni" A Journey of Harmony and Balance: To the Mountain! Awakening the Prophecy of Eagle and Condor Andean Wisdom for Personal and Collective Healing.
Sunday July 19. All Day.
Pilgrimage to Mt. Rainer, WA

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The Munay-ki, Andean Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Energy Healing Journey/Workshop.
September (Date TBA) 11-9pm, Seattle
September (Date TBA)11-9pm, Port Townsend.
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Fall Nourishing and Rejuvenation Workshop: The Alchemy of Creating Health and Vitality through the Elements Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing. Ashera Serfaty
September 27th.  1-6pm.

Ashera SerfatySeattle area.
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Moon Alchemy Women's Healing Journey to Mystical Peru: "Awakening the Divine Feminine". Sacred Sites, Q'ero Wisdom Keepers, Yoga, Movement, Dance, Ceremony and more..
A Transformational Opportunity of Healing and Awakening. Ancient Wisdom, Q'ero Shamans, The Medicine Wheel, Light Activations, Shamanic Healing, Yoga, Movement, Dance and more. Ashera Serfaty, Dinah Puodzinas and Q'ero Wisdom Keepers.
December 2-10, 2015. Machu Picchu Add On- Dec 10-12th.  read more..

Awakening of the Heart Retreat in the Sacred Valley, Andes Peru: Yoga, Mystical Energy and Shamanic Healing Retreat. Incredible Sacred Sites, Ancient Wisdom, Q'ero Shamans, The Medicine Wheel,  Light Activations,  Shamanic Healing, and more.. with Tami Hazfella and Ashera Serfaty, and Q'ero Wisdom Keepers.
April 6th-13th 2016. Machu Picchu Add One April 13-15th. read more..

Giving Back!


I am devoted to giving back to the community. So 10% of all my healing session, workshops and retreats go toward sound community projects for children and indigenous people in Peru. I give to the Q'ero communities and to non profit foundations in Peru.

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera