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Sacred Medicine Dance Retreat in Sunny Andes Mountains Peru
April 19th28th 2014
Come Dance Yourself Awake!!

I am here to assist you in the path of rememberence of your true self and your reconnection with the earth. Through clearing old energy that now longer serves, and helping you see your true radiance your deepest soul journey and destiny is revealed. My intention is to assist you in awakening your inner knowing and give you tools for your self healing reminding that you are a luminous being.

If you are challenged by any patterns issues in you life, this healing work can assist you through dramatic shifts, quickly and easily. Through various healing tools, modalities, practices, new energy is activated and anchored into your life, so you can live your life more fully.


I am a bridge of the Eagle and Condor. I work with the Andean Medicine Wheel carrying the activations from incredible sacred sites, mountains, of Peru, and the Q'ero indigenous shamans.  I work with the Shamanic Healing, Toltec and Andean traditions, Theta Healing,  Energy Medicine, The Merkaba, Quantum Touch, Dance Yoga and  Ayurveda and I connect with the luminous guides and angels.  Though I work with certain tools, trainings and traditions, my intention is to assist you on your own personal path whatever that may be. I work in the highest integrity, and hold a space of deep love and compassion.  I invite you to welcome in your destiny and live the life of your dreams, following your unique path in life. Sessions are available at a Distance.

"Working with Ashera helped me realize that even through my pain and darkest times, I was never missing the tools I needed to heal and change my life. Ashera helped me uncover those tools and how to use them. With each visit, my visions become clearer, my voice louder and my heart stronger. She has been nothing short of a blessing, an inspirational healer and teacher, Thank you, Ashera!"   Elizabeth Gaudet

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Sacred Medicine Dance Retreat in the Sunny Andes Mountains Peru

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A Transformative Journey of Healing Yourself and MotherEarth. Yoga, Dance, Ancient Wisdom, Yoga, The Medicine Wheel, Sacred Sites, Shamanic Healing and Plant Teachers.

  • April 19-28th 2014

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The Munay-ki Rites Awakening our Luminous Body and Activating The Soul Journey:


 Activate yourself to hold the highest frequency possible. These Energetic transmissions  transform your luminous energy field and re-inform your DNA. These codes are in the lineage of the  Q'ero Wisdom Keeper Shamans of the Andes. Included are shamanic journeys to reconnect with your soul essence.

Vision Quest: Sacred Ceremonies


This full day and evening healing sacred ceremony  allows you to drop into your deepest self.  To release the past in accelerated healing, to connect with the Pachamama and the nature spirits and open your heart to the beauty and love of being alive.  Activated fire ceremony included

  • By request
After 2 sessions with Ashera, my 12 year depression vanished completely.   I used several additional sessions during the following year to restore the inner light and joy to my body and life.  Ashera is gentle, compassionate, wise in many modalities…. A brilliant healer! "         Susan MaFarlane



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