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The Secrets of Ceremony Alchemical Retreat
& Vision Quest Journey

The Big Island, Hawaii
January 27-February 3rd, 2018

with Ashera Serfaty

Hawaii Retreat

Alchemical Ceremonies, Healing Plant Ceremonies and Vision Quest, Ocean Bliss, Sacred Warm Pools, Divine Waterfalls, Yummy Organic Cuisine, Communing & Exploring Nature, Yoga, Qi- Gong, Energy Practices, Play, Breathwork, Meditation and Relaxation.


Join us as we immerse into one of the most wild and beautiful places to an experience that is beyond any vacation.  You will have opportunities for both healing, rest and play.  Through ceremonial and alchemical work you will experience deep transformation, connection and insights into your life.

Each day will be an opportunity to explore both the inner and outer landscapes and communion with the beauty and magic of mother earth.  You will enjoy exquisite sacred waterfalls, swimming, aquarium like snorkeling, lava- heated warm pools and tropical hikes.

Coco Wasi our conscious retreat center is located on 3 acres off the grid. Solar powered and eco-friendly you will have the opportunity to connect with the sounds and sights of nature. A perfect setting to reset and recharge as you immerse in the magic of natural elements.


With over twenty fruits trees that flourish in abundance at various times of the year on the land, you will of the opportunity to taste exceptional fresh coconuts, luscious avocados and healthy organically prepared cuisine to nourish and recharge your being. As you walk through the property you will experience the magic of fragrant flowers including the exquisite night blooming jasmine.


As we open a sacred space and step into ceremonial work, you will be given the time to go deeper into your own personal journey, letting go of what no longer serves, making space and activating that which you are becoming. You will connect with your guides and allies accessing a deep support and guidance available to you. Insights, heart opening and deep healing will allow you to connect with your authentic self and your true joy. Through water, fire, and earth ceremonies we transform the old and bring in a higher vibration of energy.



  • 7-Day Journey to the Big Island
  • Transformational Healing Ceremonies
  • Yoga, Qi Gong,
  • Meditation & Energy Healing Practices
  • Waterfall & Tropical Hikes
  • Nourishing Organic Local Cuisine
  • Connection with the Earth
  • Alchemy with the Elements:
  • Water Ceremonies, Fire Ceremonies, Earth Ceremonies,
  • Warm Lava Pool
  • Swimming
  • Snorklleing
  • Vision Quest & Plant Ceremonies
  • Laughter & Play

Location & Logistics

coco-wasi better front.jpg

Coco Wasi is located on 3 acres completely off-grid, the property has been a place for healing and transformation for the last 30 years. Located 45 minutes from the town of Hilo and the Hilo international airport, Coco Was is a sanctuary in the jungle. Upon arrival you will be picked up and enjoy the beautiful drive to Coco Wasi. We will greet you as you settle in and open our sacred space together.

Our days will be filled with immersion into the natural wonders of this remote paradise, the oceans, forest and wildlife- connecting deeply with the elements and experience this untamed landscape through engaging our bodies and senses.



Ashera Serfaty

Ashera has led over a dozen retreats internationally with specific focus in Peru. She has spent the last 8 years living the eagle/ condor journey. Half the year immersing in the Andean Healing Path with direct experience from the mountains, earth, shamanic healers and curanderas.  Ashera is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Theta Practitioner, Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner and Dancer.  From the cultivation of her own personal practice to facilitating individual sessions, classes, workshops, and retreats she comes with over 20 years of experience.

Ashera trained in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing thru The Healing Light Body School and Alberto Villoldo and in the Toltec Shamanic traditions with Dona Bernadina Vigil. Her journeys have also taken her to sacred sites in Mexico and Peru, where she learned from local indigenous curanderas and shamans. Ashera is full Mesa carrier in the Andean Q’ero traditions and has received the initiation rites & transmissions.

As a compassionate healer, coach and guide Ashera comes from a holistic and integrative approach. She understand through her own personal experience and work with others that health is a whole system, body, heart, mind, and soul. It is when we connect to our deep soul and life journey on the level of energy and myth that our original balance and true nature return to us. Ashera is passionate about assisting others on their path to restoring their original freedom, balance and joy.




Early Registration: $1,875
(before November 1st)

Normal Price: $2,075
(after November 15th)



  • Airfare
  • Single occupancy option,
  • Tips for guides, and cooks
  • Massages or Private Healing Sessions
  • Personal drinks, snacks, food, and gifts
  • Additional lodging not outlined
  • Meals while in Transit
  • Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond our control

For Detailed Information Packet and to Register Contact Ashera: luminosityhealing@yahoo.com

Thank you for visiting. Have a luminous day! ~ Ashera